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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses
Contact lenses are available in almost every prescription and allow for freedom from glasses. We fit all types of contact lenses to improve vision. We have thousands of diagnostic lenses on hand to fit most patients the day of the exam. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism may be corrected with many different types of contact lenses.
Contact lens types include:
Spherical (regular)
Toric or Astigmatism contact lenses
Multi-focal or Bifocal contact lenses
Monthly replacement contact lenses
Daily disposable contact lenses
2 week replacement contact lenses
Rigid Gas permeable contact lenses
Hybrid RGP/Soft contact lenses
Scleral Lenses
Colored contact lenses
Custom contact lenses
Many of the newer contacts are more comfortable to wear, are more resistant to dryness, and healthier than prior contact lenses.
Daily wear/disposable soft contact lenses
• Daily wear contact lenses are generally the most comfortable and convenient options available. They are a single use lens that does not require cleaning making them the healthiest option available.
• Excellent fit and comfort in a soft contact
• Cutting-edge materials allow more oxygen to reach your eyes, resulting in healthier, white eyes
• Convenient and cost-effective
Monthly replacement contact lenses
• Monthly lenses have been used for many years as a great way to improve vision while remaining comfortable.
• Monthly lenses require nightly cleaning with contact lens cleaning solution.
• It is important to use the cleaning solution recommend by the doctor and follow all cleaning steps to reduce the likelihood of contact lens complications.
Multifocal/Bifocal Contact lenses
• Near vision may become reduced with an increased number of birthdays. Multifocal contacts may be utilized to improve near vision while still allowing for good distance vision.
Rigid Gas permeable contact lenses
• May provide sharper vision than non-rigid contact lenses
• Newer materials for enhanced comfort
• Improved oxygen exchange for healthier wear
• Can correct astigmatism when other lenses fail
Colored/Cosmetic Contact lenses
• Enhance your eye color
• Change your eye color
Custom contact lenses
• Complex prescriptions may be corrected with custom order contacts created specifically for almost visual need.