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    • I have dry eyes. Can I still wear contacts?
      Dry eyes can make wearing contact lenses more difficult.  However newer lenses utilize better materials which remain moist much longer than older technologies.  Newer contact lens cleaning solutions also play a role in contact lens related dry eyes.  Often it is necessary to treat dry eye disease before contact lenses may be worn comfortably.  Such treatments may include OTC eye drops, prescription eye drops, punctal plugs to name a few.
    • Do they make contact lenses for people that need bifocals or have astigmatism?
      Absolutely. Almost anyone can wear contact lenses successfully.  There are multi-focal contact lenses that help people see near, far and everything between.  There are astigmatism correcting lenses to make images crisp and vision clear.  Newer materials also provide better comfort and clearer vision.
    • What are signs of cataracts?
      Everyone will develop cataracts.  Cataracts typically do not affect vision when they are mild, however as they progress the vision becomes reduced.  Glare while driving at night or the need for better lighting while reading are the most common symptoms.  Cataracts can be treated with surgery and in addition to improving vision, many people no longer need to use glasses or become much less dependent on glasses.
    • What makes a person a good candidate for Lasik?
      Lasik is a great option for someone who chooses to be free from glasses or contact lenses.  There are multiple options and types of "lasik" .  Our doctors can help you decide if lasik makes sense for you based on your unique prescription and lifestyle. We work directly with lasik surgeons ensuring that you receive the best care and make the best decisions for your vision correction surgery.